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Growing rice in Louisiana: A path to justice, for Black farmers

The Christian Science Monitor
by Diane Winston

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Climate Resilient Rice Practices in Africa Get a Boost


Atkinson Update

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Meet the African Farmer Growing Rice in New York’s Hudson Valley



by Nancy Matsumoto

African farmer grows rice paddies in N.Y.'s Hudson Valley

10/23/2021 -

National Public Radio

by Karen Michel

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How One Organization is Restoring a Community of Black Farmers


Civil Eats

by Emily Baron Cadloff

What You Need to Know About Environmental Impacts of Rice


10/01/2021 -


by Lisa Elaine Held

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From West Africa, here comes the next miracle grain: fonio


1/7/2021 -

Landscape News, Global Landscape Forum

by Augusta Dwyer

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Growing rice, healing the soil: Project tests new methods in southern USA


Alexandria Town Talk

by Melinda Martinez

Is Rice the Hudson Valley's Next Crop?


1/31/2020 -


by Anne Pyburg Craig

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Will rice survive climate change?

12/19/2019 -

The New Food Economy,

by Ximena Greenhouse 

Rice Paddies Rise in the Hudson Valley


11/04/2019 -

Modern Farmer

by Alex Robinson

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Watch Video on Cornell Cast


African rice farmers test traditions

against NY climate

10/09/2019 -

Cornell Cast and Cornell Chronicle,

by John Munson

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African rice farmers test traditions against NY climate


10/09/2019 -

Cornell Chronicle

by Krishna Ramanujan

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Growing a green, healthy rice bowl

7/18/2019 -

Landscape News, Global Landscape Forum,

by Augusta Dwyer 

WAAPP Regional Impact e-Newsletter


The SRI Edition 

by CORAF, Dakar;  Newsletter No 5 

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The miracle method for sustainable rice – and bigger harvests


01/30/2019 - The Guardian, by John Vidal 

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Farmers talk about SRI in Timbuktu, Mali

Blog post by Erika Styger


05/22/2018 - CORAF Blog Elements

How do you feed a world dealing with climate change? | The question

12/12/2018 - CBC NEWS: the National, TV Clip 

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The Controversy around Rice

12/12/2018 - CBC, the National Today, Newsletter

(scroll down to second story)

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Senegalese Farmers Now Buying less Rice

11/5/2018 - CORAF Blog

Senegal hopes it has the next Quinoa

9/2/2018 - QuarzAfrica

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Screen Shot 2018-09-03 at 8.02.12 PM.png

Impressive Yield and Income Increases from SRI Project in West Africa

7-13-2018 - Biosafety Information Centre

New Tech for an Ancient Food

7-2018 - Cornell University Engineering

Chicago Council on Global Affairs -                 Global Food for Thought Weekly News Brief

5/25-31/2018 - highlights Food Tank Article under the headline: Big Ideas and Emerging Innovations

Report Reveals Groundbreaking Results for Rice Farming

5-30-2018 - Food Tank Article by Miranda Carver Martin

Le SRI, une garantie pour l’autosuffisance en riz

5-28-2018 - SciDevNet - Rapprocher la Science et le Développement 

Curso en linea: Producir mas con menos mediante el Sistema Intensivo del Cultivo de Arroz (SRI)

5-16-2018 -  Register and take the online SRI course by clicking the announcement below

Introducción a SRI, sus principios y beneficios

Importancia de recolectar buenos datos 

Potencial y próximos pasos con SRI en LAC

 Videos included in the course; with Erika Styger, taken in Colombia in October 2017

Climate-smart production boosts West African rice self-sufficiency

5-01-2018 - Cornell CALS Article by Samantha Hautea, also published in Cornell Chronicle

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